Summer Camps!

2020 Schedule! 
July 20-24  Learn How To Make Art Like Keith Haring! a one-of-a kind artist who once said "Art lives through the imagination of the people who are seeing it".  He thought that art should be shared with everyone and strive to make the world a better place. Special guest Leslie Ashton! Drawings, prints and sculpture paintings!
Aug 3-7  Learn How To Paint Like Jackson Pollock! He filled his canvases with so much emotion, movement and rhythm, he was called "Action Jackson".
Fun with expressive, experimental, drawings, paintings, prints & clay work.  
Aug 31-Sept 4  What if Emily Carr Painted The Amazon Rainforest? textured clay landscapes, exotic, forest, drawings & paintings!
10am- 1pm  4-11 years  $295/per week, includes a snack
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