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 March 13 & 14   1-2:30pm

   Learn To Make Art Like David Hockney!

Live Online  $95/per 2 days   (4-6 with an adult)


Explore the colorful, lively landscapes of David Hockney!.... and create your own dream road trip!

You will find his paintings are filled with a joyful collage of winding roads, textures, hills and trees!

Special guest, Leslie Ashton will empower us with how-to skill building sessions & imagination games!

Art materials will be provided in a kit.

Here are some of our favorite quotes from the featured artist: "The source of art is love."  'Drawing makes you see things clearer." and "It's the very process of looking at something that makes it beautiful." -David Hockney

road trip
new worlds
I dream
I dream of a village
Leslie Ashton!
farm forest
paint like Monet!
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